How SIMSA works for you

Project scope

We work with our clients to understand the scope of their project based on short and long term goals. We operation-format what the business needs are and how their project is desired to operate in México, i,e. shelter services sub-contract manufacturing or start-up own operation. We also offer an ideal location based on the client ́s preference of logistics, labor and overall costs.

Project analysis

A cost analysis of the operation under the chosen business model will be prepared based on size of the operation, space required, location and overhead needs.

Start-up project plan

We will define the steps necesary to start-up the business eficiently in Mexico based on an operation roll out upon mutal agreement, then your plan will be put in to action.

The SIMSA advantage

If client decides to star-up its own operation, we offer:

  • Site selection.
  • Government interface.
  • Supplier development.
  • Management procurement.
  • Professional referrals.
  • Mexican & US customs.
  • Interface.

If client decides to manufacture through a third party, we offer:

  • Shelter services.
  • Sub-contract research.
  • Human resources management and administration.
  • Payroll and benefit management.
  • Tax accounting sevices.
  • Enviromental services.
Strategic partnerships
  • Shelter services.
  • Mexican entity incorporation.
  • Legal council.
  • Tax and safe harbor.
  • Vendor managed inventories.
  • Human resources services.
  • Import / export logistics.
  • Insurance.
  • Sourcing.
  • Banking.