Naco, Sonora.

Location: Naco, Sonora, México.
Lighting: bay and fluorescent lamps.
Water supply: city water.
Equipment available: 20,000 ft2 metal racking,
tool room, furnished office, and cafeteria,
gas heaters and evaporative coolers.
Employee availability: 450 City ́s population: 7,500 inhabitants.
Border distance: Naco, AZ 1.2 Miles.
Availability date: 1/1/2015
Location: Naco, Sonora, Mexico.
Building one: 117,992 ft2
Building two: 100,607 ft2
Total land area: 354,518 ft2
Clear height: 14 ́building one, 20' building two.
Loading dock: 3 docks-20 spaces.
Parking spaces: 60 cars, 10 tractors.
Structure: block and metal.
Floor: 5"
Roof: Insulated sheet metal.
Electricity: 1500 KVAs.

Benefits of Operating in Naco, Sonora
  • Secure and monitored area.
  • Little or no commercial and passenger border waiting time.
  • Skilled labor pool with experience in manufacturing.
  • Low cost wages.
  • Import / export brokers and logistics services available.
  • Little or no competition for employees.
  • Multi-tenant facility.

The Municipality

The municipality has a territory of 651.8 square kilometers and it borders the towns of Fronteras, Agua Prieta and Cananea. In Sonora, Mexico and Bisbee and Sierra Vista, in the United States. The poulation of this municipality is estimated in 7,500 inhabitants. The area of 1,085 hectares in the municipality is dedicated to agriculture, growing mostly alfalfa, beans, cornand animal feed. Farming depends on irrigation from 25 wells and two small dams.


The economy of this town in the last 30 years has developed in the areas of assembly factories, agriculture and tourism. Assembly factories produced textiles, electronics, home decor and metal-mechanics.The main attribute is its modern import-export facilities for border crossing purposes both in Naco, Sonora and Naco, Arizona. Border crossing is inmediate for both the public and commercial interests. Its work force is experienced in various assembly products, as well as sewing and welding. The area has relatively dry climate with high temperatures in the high thirties Centigrade (80s and 90s Fahrenheit) during the summer and as low temperatures as 10°C (50°F)during the winter. These conditions make Naco very suitable to greenhouse projects close to the border and to Nogales, Sonora wich is the mainproduce crossing port to the USA from northwest Mexican producers. The area also includes access to the railroad system in Mexico and to the closest maritime port in Guaymas, Sonora. There are plans to reactivate the railroad section between Naco and Tucson, Arizona by rehabiliting 8 Km. of railroad from Naco, Sonora to Benson, Arizona. Similarly a natural gas plant is only 6 Km. away from the main assembly facilities.

Naco, Sonora