Locations and its competitive advantages

Baja California
Agua Prieta
Population 140,000 450,000 120,000 7,500
Distance to border. 20 miles 65 miles At border At border
Closest international airport. Tijuana, B.C.
San Diego, CA
Tijuana, B.C.
San Diego, CA
Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ
Maritime port. Ensenada, B.C. Ensenada, B.C. Guaymas, Son. Guaymas, Son.
Natural gas. N/A N/A Yes Yes
Railroad acces. N/A N/A Yes Yes
Gated & controlled access. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Main industries. Electronics Home decor Aerospace Textile Home decor Automotive Textile Electronics
Cost structure. Medium Medium Low Low
Incentive packages from
local, state and federal government
Available Available Available Available
Reliable electric power, fresh water
& fire supression systems.
Yes Yes Yes Yes