Esqueda, Sonora.

Location: Esqueda, Sonora, México.
Building area: 39,595 ft2
Total land area: 202,717 ft2
Clear height: 18́
Loading docks: 2 docks – 6 spaces.
Parking spaces: 30 cars.
Structure: block and metal.
Floor: 5”
Roof: Insulated sheet metal.
Electricity: 300 KVÁs
Lighting: bay lamps.
Water supply: city water.
Equipment available: air compressors,
gas heaters and evaporative coolers.
Employee availability: 600 City’s population: 7,500 inhabitants.
Border distance: Douglas, AZ – 45 Miles.
Availability date: 1/1/2015

Benefits of Operating in Esqueda, Sonora
  • Secure and monitored area.
  • 45 miles from border with Douglas, AZ.
  • Border crossing with all major services.
  • Skilled labor pool with experience in manufacturing.
  • Low cost wages.
  • Import / export brokers and logistics services available.
  • No competition for employees, high production efficiency achieved.

The Municipality

Esqueda is part of the Fronteras Municipality in the northeast of the Mexican state of Sonora. The elevation is 1,120 meters and neighboring municipalities are Agua Prieta, Nacozari and Bacoachi. The area is 2839.62 km2, which represents 1.53% of the state total. The municipal population is estimated in 8,000 inhabitants (2.34 inhab/km2) Esqueda is located in a mountainous area on the west side of the Sierra Madre Occidental. The average annual temperature is 16.9°C. The rainy season is from July to August and temperature is 16.9°C (62°F). the average annual rainfall is 20 inches.


Esqueda is mainly a mine industry town. The largest employer is Grupo México, one of the biggest copper mining companies in Latin America. The mine employs mostly men for their processes leaving the women and young adults available for the assembly industries. The maquiladoras have mostly focused in the home decor industries producing venetian blinds, soft curtains and textiles. Due to the nature of the workforce high efficiencies can be achieved since workforce remains captive and high skilled operations since the workforce remains captive, and high skilled operations can be sustained can be sustained with very low employee turnover rate. This location is ideal for a textile company where sewing expertise is a must. Other areas of revenue for the city are agriculture, cattle and government employment.

Esqueda, Sonora