Agua Prieta, Sonora.

We currently do not have facilites or industrial land available in this location. If interested land can be purchased and developed by our company.

Benefits of Operating in Agua Prieta, Sonora.

  • Secure and monitored area.
  • Little or no commercial or passenger border lines.
  • Skilled labor pool with experience in manufacturing.
  • Low cost wages.
  • Import / export brokers and logistics services available.
  • Railroad, natural gas available.

The Municipality

Agua Prieta is a town and municipality in the northeastern corner of the Mexican state of Sonora (31°19'33?N 109°32'56?W). It stands on the U.S.– Mexico border, adjacent to the town of Douglas, Arizona, USA. The municipality covers an area of 3,631.65 km2 (1,402.2 sq mi). Agua Prieta as an estimated population of 120,000 people, making it the seventh-largest community in the state, and a literacy rate of 96.3%. Eighty-nine percent of the homes in the city have electricity, 94% have running water, and 86% are connected to the sewer system. The city's most important economic activities, in descending order, are industry, commerce and farming. The city is the location of a CFE Agua Prieta power plant.


Agua Prieta ́s main industries are maquiladoras or assembly factories, power plants and mining industries. Agua Prieta hosts a number of maquiladoras in several fields of industry such as: electronics, home decor, automotive and textile. A major textile manufacturer recently built an 800,000 sq.ft. facility to produce t-shirts and operates with over 1,500 employees. This operation makes the city suitable to attract companies in the screen printing industry. Agua Prieta is also hosting the first integrated solar combined cycle power plant in México. The power plant will have an output of approximately 465 mega watts with a contribution of 12 mega watts from its solar field. Agua Prieta is also the main border crossing port for both copper mining operations in Nacozari and Cananea, Sonora, the biggest in Latinamerica.

Agua Prieta, Sonora